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New Member

Default values for slicer

Hi All


I am pulling out what little hair I have left with this particular issue related to setting the default value of a slicer for a dashboard that has been configured for Dynamic Row Level Security. Here is my scenario.


I have created a dashboard for dynamic row level security using the bridge table technique and then I have published the dashboard to our in house report server (not the service) and tested the data displayed using myself and another member of the team. There is a slicer setup as a single select to choose one of Company A,B,C, or D, It has to be a single select because the data is specific to one company not multiple. I have access to see Company A and B and my team member has access to see Company C and D. All this works perfectly and when I sign on I see A and B and my team member can see C and D. 


But when I published the dashboard, Company A was selected (because its the first one in the list) and this gets persisted with the published dashboard. Now when my team member signs on she sees that Company A is selected in the slicer and C and D are listed below it. No data is returned for A but its annoying because she only should see C and D.


Now for rant time......


When is Microsoft going to sort out this defaulting issue for slicers. There are so many work arounds for defaulting date periods for latest month, etc and I am sure there is a workaround that some clever person is going to give me for my above problem 🙂. BUT SSRS and now even Paginated Reports have had this for ages by having a separate query that is used to supply the default value for a single select or multiple select parameter. When is this seemingly simple idea going to filter or bubble up to the top of the ideas list. I, and most probably half the Power BI family across the world have votes for this but nothing yet. Please Microsoft, you have a wonderful product and all the better now that Fabric has landed but please give us an easier out the box method to have default values for a slicer.


Feel better now, comments appreciated.


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