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Conditional Formatting background colour not working on all rows



The title is self explanitary, see screenshot below.


I have tried this with other values, e.g. 'Production started' and the same issue occours. It's like it only works on particular rows. 


The values are formatted from Power Query in the background so there is no chance for typos or extra spaces or the likes. 




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Thank you for the explanation but I don't think it's enough to provide the solution. 


Would you able to create a sample pbix file from any dataset or manual data entry and test the conditional formatting? If there's still an issue, you can share the file over and I can investigate.

Hi Kaviraj11,


I created a test report for you, however it worked perfectly in it, so i tried to find what the difference was between it and my orginal report when I spotted the pattern.


There is another table (Design Status) which has a null value linked to the same Job ID. The conditional formatting doesnt work on these rows which have a null value for some reason. See screenhsot below.


Would you have an idea how to reslove this?


I guess replace the null value with something else is the easy answer, but I would perfer it to be blank.



You could assign the blank value to 'N/A' or 'NV' which isn't a bad practice to have and will solve your problem for now. Are you using status column for Lookup table?

There are three status columns in three seperate tables, design, print, production which all link back to a quotations table via JobID. The Overall Status also links back to the quotations table via JobID. These are pulled from SQLServer.


I have fixed the problem where if there is a null value in the respective status tables, it is replaced with 'none', but now I have the issue that there are a few other columns with blank cells as I have the table set to show items with no data which also causes the problem. See below screenshot. is there a way to simple replace all blnk cells in the table visualization rather than having to address the issue in the table view?


The conditional formatting should work regardless of there being blank cells. We shouldnt have to be creating workarounds. This seems like a bug.




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Solution Sage



Could you share the pbix file? Will need more inputs to investigate the issues.


Solved: Table conditional formatting based on column not d... - Microsoft Fabric Community

Hi Kaviraj11,


I cant share the pbix file but I can give you a bit more context of what I have tried that is similar to the link you provided.


The text in this column is created by an added conditional column in power query, so there is a number attached to each status from source. See below table structure.


I have even tried using this number to format the field with no sucess, see below screenshot.




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