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Helper I
Helper I

Changing measure name dynamically based on year selected in Slicer

Hi All,

 I am looking for a way to change dax measure name dynamically based on the year selected on the slicer. I know we can change titles dynamically, but not sure if this can be achieved for Dax measure name.

e.g. In the screenshot below what i have now is Billed Revenue_SelectedYear and Billed Revenue_LastYear, but instead i would need Billed Revenue_2021 , Billed Revenue_2020 based on the slicer selected as in the screenshot below.

Currently below is the formula i am using for the calculation:

Billed Revenue_SelectedYear  = CALCULATE(SUM(FACT_Monthly_Sales_By_business_Line[Amount Billed]), DATESMTD ( 'Calendar'[Date]))
 All i want to do is change the measure name based on my slicer selection
dynamic dax name.JPG
Super User
Super User

As far as I know you cannot do that. What you can do is add all of your measures to the visual but calculate the ones you want to hide as BLANK().  Then they won't show in the visual.


Or use Calculation Groups, I guess?

Thanks for letting me know Iblendin. 

I was just trying to see if there is a direct way , but i guess there is not one such method.


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