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Avoid login username and password prompt for Power BI report on Report Server

Hi Team,


I have a power bi report deployed on report server. And I have a Active Directory group with all users. When user click the report link to open, immeadiately prompts for login information like username and password. Users are using Chrome,Windows IE & Edge, Mozilla, safari and other browsers. Is there any way to avoid login prompt window and access power bi report directly without any authentication. 



The reporting setup is on-premise and consists of Power BI Report Server, has various types of PBIX files in imported mode.

There is AD based authetication provisioned to all the above PBIX reports.

There is no SSAS and the PBIX files are linked to SQL Server.



Windows login prompt with authentication for username and password:


I have defined "Data Source" with credentials by using a common user account.



1) Is there any work around to resolve this issue? 
2) Is there any way to use common user login username and password for all users while opening power bi report on report server ?


Kindly reply back with your inputs and suggestions. Appreciate for those. Thank you.


PS: I have gone through other links for same kind of questions in the forums but couldn't get the right information about this issue.


Best Regards,

Maruthi SP

New Member

This topology requires a few pieces to work, as described here:


1. Confirm the Power BI Report Server database host has SPN listed, if not create an AD Service Principal Name for the Power BI Report Server service for the HTTP Service

2. Grant AD Delegation for the  Power BI Report Server Service account for HTTP Service End-Point

3. Modify the Power BI Report Server ReportServer.config  file with following

    a. Authentication Type: RSWindowsKerberos

4. Modify Power BI Report Server Web Service web.config file, setting the following

    a. "<identity impersonate= "true" />"


High level, but works perfectly with all these configuration points in-place


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New Member

If this helps someone, I was able to reslve this by adding the corresponding report viewers AD group to the local users group on the SSRS server.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

The prompt you are seeing is a windows authentication prompt for connecting from the browser to the server... not in the connection to the underlying data source. You probably need to check your browser settings and active directory config to confirm why the windows auth challange is coming up. In some circumstances, you can change the report server negotiate and NTLM settings as described here:

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Hi guys, sorry but I just couldnt unsderstand what the solution for this issue is. Can this be resolved without changes to the configuration files? My case is such that I want to assign create default login credentials that all the users can be logged in through automatically when they access the reports via a web browser, and without the prompt being displayed to them. 

You can create eg. bat file to run web browser as other user. They will use your dedicated user.
If dialog will show up anyway u need to configure your browser or web to automaticaly authentification from AD.

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Should I add script in .bat file? Can you please share with me script?

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