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Helper I
Helper I

Manage another user's content Pack

So I ran into a situation with publishing a content pack.  I am setting up a new tenant and shuffling user names etc so this was sort of my own fault, but it is OK because it highlights a potential problem/maybe feature request.


I logged in with name   I created a content pack and published it. 


I had some directory sync issues with my on-prem domain and to resolve it I ended up having to delete my username in azure.


I recreated the login in azure with same information, but of course this is not the same Id  -just the same name.  I can see my content pack because it was published to my organization, but I am no longer the "owner" of it.


I log back into power BI and it of course thinks I am a new user.  This is fine except that I now can no longer manage/delete my own content pack.


There should be someway that a user can "take admin" of content packs.  Maybe if they are a global admin in Azure AD or something, they should automatically be able to manage content in power BI.  In my current situation, I simply just want to delete my existing content pack and republish it with the same  name.  I am not sure that it is possible now that I have lost my previous account.


If you create the content pack from a group space, then any user who is a contributor to the group can delete it.

Designating certain groups for Content Pack / data governance is in our backlog.



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New Member

We have a scenario where a user created several content packs and has left the company.


Any updates on when Content Pack governance will be updated?


In the meantime, we are forced to keep this user active in AD in case we need to make changes to the content pack.

oh wow.  this is not being addressed?  There is a content pack that we need to get access to and update.  The user left the company and no one can access his work anymore!  How is this not a critical issue to be fixed?

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Good point, there has to be a super admin user role that can allow for cleanup for cases like this

I agree as you might guess lol.  Yeah it is a real problem though, glad it happened to me now as opposed to 6 content packs from now though.  I essentially now have a content pack that is stuck, no one can get to it or modify it.  I can still connect to it, but it is sort of in limbo, and now if I publish an update, the old one is still going to appear along side of it.


This raises another interesting point/issue.  Someone could easily join the organization, publish a content pack, and then leave the organization.  No one would be able to ever manage that published content!

If you create the content pack from a group space, then any user who is a contributor to the group can delete it.

Designating certain groups for Content Pack / data governance is in our backlog.



@meysun - what happens in the simple case where the publisher of a content pack leaves the company?

There is no elegant way to deal with this right now.  If the account was deleted, I don't think you can do anything.  If not, you can have the AD admin change the password so that you can log in as that user and make necessary updates, provided you still have the original artifacts (desktop model or excel power pivot)

Was wondering if there has been any update on this.  Still have a content pack sitting out there that can not be deleted.

That's great to hear meysun, I will look into that going forward, thank you for the info.  The oddball situation I have atm is definitely sort of a loop hole/bug, but as is I have no way to delete a content pack that someone in my organization produced.  The funny part is that in this situation, I actually created it lol.  But yeah it's a bad thing that a login user in the organization could create a content pack, publish it, and then no one but that person can control or manage it.


I do like the idea that a Global Admin in the tenant organization would default to a "content manager" role in BI sort of like in SSRS.  But I totally get it that hey maybe it just doesn't do that yet.



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