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How to skip the processing of a file when datasource.notfound in Power Query?

Power Query takes from a cell the path it should go for the source files.

I want to handle the situation when there are no files in that folder or when there isn't any text in the cell referring to the path. The goal is to skip the following steps (or maybe to cheat the next steps with an empty table).

I tried, among many things, the functions try... otherwise without any success.

This is how my code starts:

DataAcesPath = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="DataAcesPath"]}[Content][Column1]{0},
Origen = Folder.Files(DataAcesPath) ,
#"Archivos ocultos filtrados1" = Table.SelectRows(Origen, each [Attributes]?[Hidden]? <> true),


Could you please help me out with this? 

Many many thanks for your support,

New Member

Thanks @lbendlin


Would you teach me how to do it?


I've been trying several ways, but I cannot find the way to write in the code, "if the folder is empty, use this empty table"



Folder.Files() produces a lot of columns. Which of these do you need in the next steps?


Read about #table()

Super User
Super User

(or maybe to cheat the next steps with an empty table)

Sounds like the most robust option.

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