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How to Combine Debit and Credit Ledger Account Data into a Single Line in Microsoft Power Query

Hello Microsoft Community,

I'm currently working with data in Excel and I'm facing a challenge that I hope someone can assist me with.


I have a dataset that displays debit and credit entries on separate lines like this:


Date       | Account     | Debit ($) | Credit ($)


2023-10-01 | Account A   | 100       | 0

2023-10-01 | Account B   | 0         | 100

2023-10-02 | Account A   | 50        | 0

2023-10-02 | Account B   | 0         | 30

2023-10-02 | Account C   | 0         | 20


However, I need to combine the debit and credit entries for each account into a single line to get a ledger-like format, like this:


Date       | Debit Account | Credit Account | Amount ($)


2023-10-01 | Account A   | Account B   | 100

2023-10-02 | Account A   | Account B   | 30

2023-10-02 | Account A   | Account C   | 20

Is there a way to achieve this in Excel? Any guidance or suggestions on how to approach this problem would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your help!


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @awaheedm- ,




Super User
Super User

Hello, @awaheedm- do you always have the same pattern when only one debit and one or more credit entries back to back in line for the same date? Or the following:

Account A DT 60

Account B DT 40

Account C CR 70

Account D CR 30

is also possible for the same date?

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