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Helper I
Helper I

Failed to update data source credentials: 0 arguments were passed to a function which expects 1



I made a custom Google Sheet to PowerBI connector from the internet.  It worked out well.  Now the only thing missing is the autorefresh capability.


The error shows like this:


Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 7.06.06 AM.png

I tried downloading the Personal Gateway and it still shows this.


Thank you very much

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee


Are you able to use Anonymous authentication method in Power BI Service to refresh the dataset? There is a similar thread for your reference.

Besides, can you successfully refresh data in Power BI Desktop?


Community Support Team _ Lydia Zhang
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It doesn't have an Anonymous authentication method I am afraid 😞


I can successfully refresh the data in the PowerBI Desktop though.


Could you please post the Power query code you use in Power BI Desktop? Do you only have OAuth2 method in Power BI Service?


Community Support Team _ Lydia Zhang
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Hello @v-yuezhe-msft, yes I only have OAuth2 method.

Hello @v-yuezhe-msft,


I apologize for not replying sooner here is the code:


    Source = PQGoogleSpreadsheet.Contents(""),
    #"Deep Thought_Sheet" = Source{[Item="Deep Thought",Kind="Sheet"]}[Data],
    #"Removed Top Rows" = Table.Skip(#"Deep Thought_Sheet",1),
    #"Promoted Headers" = Table.PromoteHeaders(#"Removed Top Rows", [PromoteAllScalars=true]),
    #"Changed Type1" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Promoted Headers",{{"Date Added", type date}, {"Date Added (On Quip)", type date}, {"Card Address", type text}, {"Site Finder / Card Creator", type text}, {"Deep Thought Analyzer", type text}, {"Trello Board", type text}, {"Approach Ready Date", type date}, {"Approach Sent Date", type any}, {"09/01/2019 10:46:19 AM", type any}, {"Offer Sent Date", type date}, {"How We Found Contact?", type text}, {"Notes From Yafit", type text}, {"Notes To Yafit", type text}, {"Letter Responded", type text}, {"Response Received Date", type date}, {"Response By", type text}, {"Time Taken For Response", type any}, {"Deal Status (To Be Filled By UK Team)", type text}, {"Not Good Site (Reason)", type text}, {"Letter Sender Name", type text}, {"Approach/ Offer?", type text}, {"Reason For Returned Letter", type text}, {"Alternative Ready Date", type text}, {"Alternative Letter Sent Date", type text}, {"Remarks", type text}, {"Can't Find Owner", type text}, {"Site Rating", type any}, {"Card Email", type text}, {"Reference Number", type text}, {"Postcode", type text}, {"Name Of Council", type text}, {"Owner Name 1", type any}, {"Owner Name 2", type any}, {"Last paid price", type any}, {"% the market changed from sold date", type any}, {"Zoopla % Changed", type any}, {"Existing price Total", type any}, {"Houses / Flats / Only BGD/ Commercial ?", type text}, {"Strategy ", type text}, {"Is It BGD? [Yes/No]", type text}, {"Average Price (Flats)", type any}, {"Average Price (Houses)", type any}, {"What Value Did We Use? [Please specify the way to calculate the existing value]", type text}, {"Footprint [All units]", type any}, {"Number of houses", type text}, {"Number of flats", type text}, {"Underground parking [Yes/No]", type text}, {"Conversion of existing? [Yes/No]", type text}, {"Build cost.", type any}, {"Total Purchase Price", type any}, {"Toal SDLT", type any}, {"Total CIL", type any}, {"Total Affordable Housing", type any}, {"Legal Charge", type any}, {"Estate Agent Fees (For Resale)", type any}, {"Marketing", type any}, {"Finance", type any}, {"Planning, Inc professionals", type any}, {"Contingency", type any}, {"Demolition of Existing", type text}, {"Profesional & Development Costs", type any}, {"Total Building Expenses", type any}, {"Total Profit", type any}, {"Resale Value Flats", type any}, {"Resale Value Houses", type any}, {"Total Resale Value", type any}, {"Expenses Grand Total.", type any}, {"GDV Grand Total", type any}, {"Profit on GDV", type any}, {"Site Value", type any}, {"Existing Land Value", type any}, {"Our Site Projected Offer", type any}, {"% Of Site Value", type text}, {"% added from site rating program", type text}, {"PTAL Rating", type any}, {"Flood Zone", type any}, {"TPO On Site", type text}, {"Approach Letter Sender Name", type text}, {"Offer Letter Sender Name", type text}, {"X", type text}, {"Y", type text}, {"Property Address", type text}}),
    #"Filtered Rows" = Table.SelectRows(#"Changed Type1", each [Date Added] <> null and [Date Added] <> "")
    #"Filtered Rows"

I only have OAuth2 method.



Thank you very much

Thank you very much will try this out and report back.

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