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Data is appended in the query however visualisation are not updating and is now showing the new data

Hi, I have appended a new query to an old query. The columns from both queries have same data type, and I can see new data from new query is appended to the old query. But when checking the visulisation, new data is not appearing. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Community Champion
Community Champion

If you've appended new data to an existing query in Power BI, but the visualizations are not updating to show the new data, there could be a few reasons for this issue. Here are some steps you can follow to resolve it:

  1. Data Refresh: Ensure that you have refreshed the data in your Power BI report after appending the new data. Visualizations won't update automatically unless you refresh the data.

  2. Data Model: Check if your data model is correctly updated. Sometimes, even after refreshing, the data model doesn't update automatically. Go to the "Data" view and ensure that your new data is visible in the data model.

  3. Relationships: In Power BI, data visualization relies on relationships defined in the data model. If you have defined relationships, ensure that they are still valid for the new data. If necessary, update or create new relationships.

  4. Filters and Slicers: Verify that any filters or slicers applied to your visualizations do not exclude the new data. Sometimes, filters can limit what is displayed in visualizations.

  5. Data Types: Make sure the data types of the appended columns match the existing data types. Mismatched data types can cause issues in displaying data.

  6. Visualizations Configuration: Double-check your visualizations to ensure they are set to include the newly added data. Make sure you've selected the appropriate columns for your visualizations, and any changes you made to the data fields are reflected.

  7. Aggregation or Calculation Logic: If you have aggregation or calculation logic in your visualizations, make sure it's compatible with the new data. You might need to adjust the measures or calculations to accommodate the appended data.

  8. Clear Cache: Sometimes, Power BI might cache data. Try clearing the cache by going to "File" -> "Options and settings" -> "Data source settings," select your data source, and click "Clear permissions" and "Clear cache."

  9. Check for Errors: Review the query editor for any errors that might prevent the new data from being properly appended or transformed.

  10. Check for Data Quality: Verify that the new data doesn't contain any inconsistencies or issues that might affect its display.

  11. Check for Time Refresh Settings: If you're dealing with time-based data, make sure your refresh settings are correctly configured to get the latest data.

  12. Publish Changes: If you are working on a Power BI service or sharing your report, ensure you have published your changes to the service.

  13. Data Sources: Make sure the source from which you appended data is still accessible and hasn't changed.

If you've checked all these aspects and the issue still persists, it might be beneficial to provide more specific details about your Power BI report, including the data structure, data source, and any transformations you've applied, so that you can get more targeted assistance. Additionally, check the Power BI community or forums for specific issues related to your dataset or data source.

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