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Connecting two tables where the rows in one correspond to column headers in the other

Im trying to connect two tables where the row values in one are listed as column headers in the others. The caveat is that I need the column headers to stay in that shape (i.e transposing directly won't work). 


Example: Lets say we are predicting house prices. We have a table with features and their importance (table 1). We also have a table with some houses and the values for those features. We need to be able to connect the information about the feature importance when analyzing the observations of the specific houses. 


Table 1

Floor size0,9
Number of bathrooms0,8
Number of bedrooms0,7


Table 2

House IDFloor sizeNumber of bathroomsNumber  of Bedrooms


How can I connect the features that are shown as rows in table 1 with the features shown as columns in table 2? 

I need the data in the table 2 columns. 


I need to be able to rank the columns based on importance. Any ideas on how to do this? 


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Memorable Member

Hi @hsfo,


There are few options to do what you want. The simpliest can be pivoting Table1 and then appending to Table 2, in this case you will have the weights "data in the table 2 columns" as you wanted.


I wonder, however, what are you going to do with this data? "rank the columns based on importance" sounds a bit strange. If you order columns according to thier weightings it is not going to provide any benefit in the report as the Designer really does not care about the columns order in the data, this is only a sequence of field in a visual [e.g. a table] that sets the order of appearance.


What is you ideal output?




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