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Connect to Jira with Power BI - code for a function



I recently had to pull some data out of Jira, but couldn't see an easy way to do it natively in Power BI / Power Query, so created a custom function that does it for me based on a JQL statement.


Thought it might be useful to others, so have posted below (for my Jira instance this also works with an auto refresh in the service).


All you need to do is paste the below code into a blank query, then update the jiraDomain to your domain name.


You'll then see a function with 2 parameters, the first wants a JQL statement and the second needs a comma seperated list of the fields that you want from Jira (e.g. "key,Summary,Assignee,Status,Created,Project").


To autheniticate, I've been using basic auth with the username as my company email and the password as a Jira API token.





let Source = (jql as text, optional columnsToKeep as text) =>
    // demo data
    // jql = "project = JSD order by created DESC",
    // columnsToKeep = "key,Summary,Assignee,Status,Created,Project",

    jiraDomain = "https://<your-domain>",

//get data from Jira using JQL
    getJqlResult = (jql as text)=>
            createQueryTable = Table.FromList(List.Generate(() => 0, each _ < Json.Document(Web.Contents(jiraDomain & "/rest/api/3/search",[RelativePath="?fields=key&jql="&jql]))[total], each _ + 50), Splitter.SplitByNothing(), null, null, ExtraValues.Error),
            addQueries = Table.AddColumn(createQueryTable, "queryLists", each Json.Document(Web.Contents(jiraDomain & "/rest/api/3/search",[RelativePath="?startAt="&Text.From([Column1])&"&jql="&jql]))[issues]),
            removeStartAt = Table.RemoveColumns(addQueries,{"Column1"}),
            expandQueryLists = Table.ExpandListColumn(removeStartAt, "queryLists"),
            expandIssues = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(expandQueryLists, "queryLists", {"id", "key", "fields"}, {"id", "key", "fields"})

//get data a list of Jira fields and what the display names are
    getJiraFieldsAndNames = () =>
            jiraFieldNameList = Json.Document(Web.Contents(jiraDomain & "/rest/api/3/field")),
            fieldRecordsToTable = Table.FromList(jiraFieldNameList, Splitter.SplitByNothing(), null, null, ExtraValues.Error),
            expandFieldRecords = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(fieldRecordsToTable, "Column1", {"id", "key", "name"}, {"id", "key", "name"})

//create a list of lists that can be used to rename from field system names
    createJiraRenameList = (listOfColumnsToRename as list)=>
            fieldNames = getJiraFieldsAndNames(),
            countNameInstances = Table.AddColumn(fieldNames, "# of Name Columns", each let thisName = [name] in Table.RowCount(Table.SelectRows(fieldNames, each [name] = thisName))),
            checkWhetherFieldRequired = Table.AddColumn(countNameInstances, "renameRequired", each List.Contains(listOfColumnsToRename,[key])),
            filterToRequired = Table.SelectRows(checkWhetherFieldRequired, each ([renameRequired] = true) and ([#"# of Name Columns"] = 1)),
            addRenameListItems = Table.AddColumn(filterToRequired, "renameListItem", each {[key],[name]}),
            createRenameList = Table.Column(addRenameListItems,"renameListItem")

//main code

    columnsToKeepAsList = 
        if columnsToKeep = null
        then null
        else Text.Split(Text.Replace(Text.Replace(columnsToKeep," ,",","),", ",","),","),
    jqlQueryResult = getJqlResult(jql),
    columnNamesAsList = Table.Column(Record.ToTable(jqlQueryResult{0}[fields]),"Name"),
    expandIssueFields = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(jqlQueryResult, "fields", columnNamesAsList, columnNamesAsList),
    renameColumns = Table.RenameColumns(expandIssueFields,createJiraRenameList(columnNamesAsList)),
    selectColumnsToKeep = 
        if columnsToKeep = null
        then renameColumns
        else Table.SelectColumns(renameColumns,columnsToKeepAsList)
in Source





Regular Visitor

Hi there,
Thanks for sharing this
Is there a modification to this code to add custom fields as well?

Regular Visitor

Hey @Kalp,


I think it should work with custom fields.


If you put in a JQL query that has custom fields included in its definition, that should work.

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Community Support

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