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Column appears in PowerQuery, but does not appear in source SharePoint Data...Kinda wierd

This is not a problem, per se, however I'm lost and I'm a not a coder so, any insight would be helpful.

I have a SharePoint list that I connected in Excel and used PowerQuery to transform the data. I have about 6 queries filtering data and one of them, just one, has a column that does not exist inthe SharePoint list (source data) or anywhere else. I looked through all 54 SharePoint columns and not one of them is 'DateCompleted', but is shows up in this one query. Here's my original post. It's not a problem because it is a column I wanted in the first place; However, I had to create a column for each query, (so 6 times) becuase this column was not available, so I'm like who created this?!?


1. I tried creating a new query to see if it shows up, and it doesn't

2. It is not a column and available, or pre-made on SharePoint.

3. The SharePoint list is a custom list, not a template.


Anyone have that happen to them, or maybe I'm not looking in the right place?






Super User
Super User

Did someone rename Modified or Created column in a view to DateCompleted, or perhaps in a calculated column like Date([Modified])?



I’m usually answering from my phone, which means the results are visualized only in my mind. You’ll need to use my answer to know that it works—but it will work!!

Hi Nate! Thank you for your respone. Sorry, if I'm delayed in responding. Not that I am aware of. Everyone using the list is less proficient than me, but that doesn't mean they could no accidentally have added it. I looked through every column and the calculated ones and I can't find. "DateCompleted".

Super User
Super User

There are many, many limitations when using Sharepoint Lists as data sources. Here's one possible root cause:


Optimize Power Query when expanding table columns - Power Query | Microsoft Docs

I'll have to try that. When I was perusing all the features I came across merging the queries. I have a lot of columns expanded and a LOT of rows, so that could be part of the issue. If I try this and it disappers, then I'll know that PowerQuery having to call every single SharePoint row to retreive the data was the issue. Thank you for your insight!

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