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Helper I
Helper I

Added some custom columns and then they disappear upon the next custom column added

I am adding several columns to a table.  As I step through the query, my columns "AY 2018" thru "AY 2023" are added fine (NOTE: each column has basically the same calculation/formula, and each is followed by a remove errors step--6 columns but 12 steps in all).  Then, upon the next step of adding column "AY 2024," all those 6 columns disappear and my table looks just like it does two steps previous to adding column "AY 2018" but now with column "AY 2024" added to the end.  

All the preceding columns (that disappear) are basically replicated from column "AY 2023."  I created "AY 2024" then "AY 2023" and then "AY 2025."  They all worked fine up to that point, so I then created the other preceding columns for 2018 thru 2022, and then the subsequent columns for 2026 thru 2029 (using the AY 2023 formula).  Then as I stepped through the process to the end, I noticed only columns "AY 2024" through "AY 2029" were there.

I did read a post from back in 2020 that sounded similar.  However, after trying the solution of clearing the cache which did not resolve this problem, I still need help understanding the problem and fixing it.

I would appreciate any thoughts on if I can actually salvage the columns.  However, if I need to redo it all and replace them in proper order, I can do that.






Community Support
Community Support

Hi @MarkD1722 ,

I noticed you mentioned the phrase: All the preceding columns (that disappear) are basically replicated from column "AY 2023."
May I ask how your AY 2023 and AY 2024 were created? I see on your screenshot that AY 2024 has Error in 80% of the rows, is this normal? Are you sure you created the columns correctly?
If so, can you provide a bit of your data or sample data and what actions you did to create these columns? I suspect that the error is caused by an error in column AY 2023 or an error in the column used for the creation of column AY 2023 that is causing other columns created from column 2023 to be missing the target column. But that's just a guess, I'd have to look at your steps and data to know exactly what's going on.

Best Regards,
Dino Tao

thanks.  So, all of the columns have errors because of a calculation that I do which, in some instances, doesn't have some dates...which is completely normal for the data.  All the other columns have the same amount (if not more) errors, and did not affect the situation.  I can work out the calculation to deal with the errors, but the regardless of the result, those rows, errored or not, will be filtered out ultimately (for the moment, as I troubleshoot all this, I replace the errors with "9999").

That said, I was able to do exactly what I wanted, but I simply deleted the steps to create the "AY 2024" column and remove the errors and then re-create those two steps in the same position.  All the rest followed as expected.  Not sure why that step or those steps were a hang-up, but the situation is resolved.


Thank your for your attendance and response to my question.



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