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Dynamics365BusinessCentral.ApiContentsWithOptions Content Language

Hi there,

I'm connecting Power BI to Business Central Cloud.
It would be great to receive content like the document type in a certain language, e.g. German.

Any ideas how to change/set the language in the connector?


Thanks a lot!

Helper II
Helper II

Has anyone found a solution to this? As far as I am able to see there is no paramter "Culture" in the advanced options:



Setting the parameter manually also does not work:

  Quelle = Dynamics365BusinessCentral.ApiContentsWithOptions(null, null, null, [UseReadOnlyReplica = true, Culture = "de-DE"]),
A solution would be much appreciated, I'd hate to translate all the enum values manually 😄


Hi sgeheeb,


Have you checked the language of the enum values that you get back from the API? I might be wrong, but I seem to think that you get (or, can get) english language enum values back. The other option is to leverage a "Page Query" to return the integer value of the enum, instead of the enum text itself. The downside of that is that page queries are not as performant.

Hello Ragnar,

I would like to stick with the API Query if possible. Currently, the API is returning the english enum

values, I'd like to get the German ones.

There's definitly the "Accept-Language" Header, which should to what I need it to do. I just don't know where to put it in Power Query.

This is the code which Power Query uses:

Quelle = Dynamics365BusinessCentral.ApiContentsWithOptions(null, null, null, [UseReadOnlyReplica= true]),

The three NULLs are:

1. Environment

2. Company

3. API Route

This won't help us.

So the Header information has to go in the "UseReadOnlyReplica" section. But where? I have tried thins like:

Quelle = Dynamics365BusinessCentral.ApiContentsWithOptions(null, null, null, [UseReadOnlyReplica = true, #"Accept-Language" = "de-DE"]),


Quelle = Dynamics365BusinessCentral.ApiContentsWithOptions(null, null, null, [UseReadOnlyReplica = true, Headers = [#"Accept-Language" = "de-DE"]]),

No luck so far.

So generally speaking, does anyone know how to add a header to the API-Call Power Query makes?


I had a look at the actual call and I can't even find the reference to the "ReadOnlyReplica" Option:



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I wonder if this documentation might be of any help to you:


I suppose that to test this you would have to play around with Postman or a similar tool, and I'm not sure how this would translate into Power Query. I'd hate to use anything but the BC connector, but if forced... 

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Hi Ragnar,
thanks for your response.


First of all, there's no 'Add parameter' field in the Business Central Connector.



So you need to use the ODATA-Connector,  but unfortunately it didn't work.


I created the parameter:



Used it in the ODATA Connector:





But thanks for your idea! 😀

Hi again,


I haven't had a chance to test this properly myself, but maybe you can. How about if you start your query with this:
= Dynamics365BusinessCentral.ApiContentsWithOptions(null, null, null,


Headers = [#"Accept-Language" = "en-US"]


I´ll admit that there's a good chance that the connector simply ignores this extra parameter, but it also doesn't spit out an error. I'd be very curious to know if it does change anything in BC instance in German 🙂

Let me just quickly add that "Replica" in the code above is simply a parameter which can be set to true or false. Replica could thus be replaced by a simple true.

Hi Ragnar,

thanks for your quick response 😀

I used your Connector and Code:

Source = Dynamics365BusinessCentral.ApiContentsWithOptions(null, null, null, [ UseReadOnlyReplica = true, Headers = [#"Accept-Language" = "de-DE"] ] ),


But it seems like PowerBI is just simply ignoring this new parameter:


I had a quick check on the BC environment settings - but they are set to German local settings 



But thanks again for you input!

Frequent Visitor



I was sad to see that you haven't had a response as I'm grappling with the same thing. A colleague sent me this from ChatGPT but I haven't quite figured out how to actually do this:



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