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Scrolling in mobile report view

Hi, the scroll bar in visual level filters in my ipad is not appering both in reports and dashboards after thw last update. Any thoughts

Frequent Visitor

Hello with tha last update the scroll bar in visual level filters both in report and dashboards is not working in my ipad..... Any thoughts?



I can't reproduce your issue. (IPAD Air 2 with lastest version Power BI Mobile App). The scroll bar is hidden by default. It will appear when you touch the right edge of the list in visual filter.


What's your data source? What's the data type of the data fields in that visual? Can you share any screenshot if possible?



As you can see in the right hand side in the filters (which are a lot) there is no scroll bar so i cannot access the onew i cannot see. In an internet browser in my laptop works just fine but in ipad air 2 no scroll...





I can't see your image. Can you re-upload it?



I think i have a problem uploading the picture. Can you please help me. I have the pic localy stored in my C drive.


Thank you



I reproduced same issue as yours. We have reported it internally.






Thanks for reporting. We are working on a fix for the issue, we'll update once the fix is released.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee


The latest update vavilable in store contains a fix that wbelieve address the issue above.

@stheodCan you please check and let us know?

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hi @stheod,


I tried to reproduce the issue you describe according to my understanding:

1. Created a report with a table visual

2. Opened the report in my Power BI app on my iPad

3. Double clicked the visual to get into 'report in focus mode'

4. Clicked the filter pane, selected one of the filter fields, switched to 'Basic filtering'

5. The list scrolled







Can you please tell whether the issue still reproduce on your device? do you mind sharing reproduction steps and even images so I can help further?

Frequent Visitor

Hi and thank u for your help. For each filter I get the scroll. The problem occurs because I have too many filters in my visual which I can only access to the once I see and not all of them because I cannot scroll down... your example had a filter for value in my report I have several like country Address currency zip code etc. I hope I was helpfull


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