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New Member

Mobile App report stuck loading.



I built a sample report using some excel data. I published it to the web service, and published it to an App. We've shared it with all 3 of our users (All 3 are Pro licenses).

2 users can see the report on the app perfectly from the Web and Mobile. My other user can see it great on the Web, but when he pulls it up on his phone, the reports will just load and load. He never gets to see the report on his phone. 
It's not a paginated report, and it's static data so there's no refreshing. We've built multiple reports and get the same outcome. We've tried rebooting his phone, updating the Power BI App, re-installing the App, and making sure his phone is connected to the Wifi. 


Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

New Member

Hi! Were you able to solve the problem? Faced the same thing when creating the College Dorm Party app, our website We haven't been able to solve it for a long time.

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hey @Hinnack ,


Can you please provide more information on the issue you are facing? 

What is the exact experiance and also information about the platform and versions you are using?


Thanks, Maya

New Member

Is there any Solution for this Problem?

We have the same Issue since Yesterday.

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hey @Smalley123 ,


Can you please send us email to Power BI Mobile Support <>, with the following:

1) Platform (IOS/Android)

2) Device model and OS version

3) video of the experience you are facing 


Thanks, Maya


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