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Users with reshare access unable to reshare

We've been having an issue within our company:


- I create a dashboard and share it out with a few users. I have a Pro license and all the readers have a Pro license. 

- While sharing, I have the box "Allow Recipients to Share" box checked. 

- I look at the list users in the "Access" tab, and all the users have "Read and reshare" permissions. 

- However, those users are letting me know that they are unable to reshare the dashboard. The option isn't available to them.

- So far, resharing it with those users a second time seem to clear up the issue.  The users can reshare the report. 

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Hi @jgriff,


According to my test, I'm afraid it's a temporary issue that can't be reproduced.


Best Regards,


Regular Visitor

I have had the same experience.  I specifically changed the users from "Read" to "Read and reshare".  And so far the users are unable to share the reports with other users.  Is there a refresh time or a sync time until the users are able to share the documents?





Regular Visitor

I was able to resolve the issue by doing the following.

1. Removing the user permission to the Report / Dashboard.

2. Recreating the user permission by providing them both Read and Reshare.


When I switched from Read to Reshare, the user was able to see the share icon, but when they clicked the share button they had an error that indicated that they didn't have permission.  Hope this helps anyone else with this similar issue.



Advocate II

This is another ANNOYING Bug in PBI.


I have hundreds of Users.


I cannot remove all their accesses and reshare

Advocate II

Same problem and fix. Agree with @DataGuy2016 that this is not cool for enterprise software. If adding reshare permission to existing users doesn't work, then it should be removed as an option.