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Pay per Use creation of DAX code

Hi All,

Over the past few months I started to move my very first steps in PowerQuery within Excel 16 / 19.

I work in a big company but no one there is using PowerBI and even the 1 or 2 people that are aware of it are not skilled to transfer that knowledge to others, it is pretty much untapped potential.


As soon as I discovered it and this forum together with it, I was able to improve drastically a number of repetitive activities and also create from scratch extremely useful tools at no cost at all.


I was able to do al this because I am stubborn an curious but also largerly  because of this amazing forum, where a number of very kind ans smart people wrote the solution to my issues in the form of custom dax Measures.


Hence my question: I do not have the time to learn DAX in depth since I do not work in IT and I do not have prior IT background and also I fear that I cannot keep on asking for free help from this forum forever.


Is there an option to have a pay-per-use online service with experts available to write custom DAX code?

Frequent Visitor

Hi @Anonymous ,


You ran in a wonderfull world ! and you're right BI, data management, Data analysis are made simplier with DAX...


DAX is not so difficult to learn, but the most difficult thing is to transform your Business needs into DAX formulas.

As consultant & trainer on Microsoft BI & DAX since 2010 I already faced  a lot of business cases and issues modeling datas inside PBI. I' ready to have an exchange with to discuss how you imagine the help I can give you...


Don't hesitate to MP me...    




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