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is there an api endpoint to get the refresh history of a dataflow?

I was wondering whether like Datasets there is an API endpoint that can be queried for the refresh history of the Dataflow.


e.g somelike this Datasets - Get Refresh History In Group but for Dataflows.


Also has there been a change in the API whereby in 2018 the requestid guid was not returned by the API call but it is in 2019?


Is the id value (first item in the array) returned by API call unqiue?


Example from 2018 with request id missingExample from 2018 with request id missingExample from 2019 with request id returnedExample from 2019 with request id returned

Has there been an update on this? This would be a really useful function to have

I still don't think this exists.


It would be nice and enable you to automatically kick off a dataset refresh based on a dataflow finishing.

That was exactly my thinking. I have a flow set up but at the moment to cascade the refresh onto the dataset but I have to have a timed delay set at the highest refresh time I've observed rather than being able to put a minimum delay then call the API until is refreshed before moving on to the dataset refresh as I'm losing minutes at most refresh points to handle higher load periods.

Hi everyone,

I had this issue, and found a workaround. See the blog I wrote here:

TL;DR - You can actually call a hidden endpoint that the UI uses to make similar requests. Not an ideal solution, but it works. 

Hope this helps,


Thanks for this @ed-freeman.


I actually forgot about this but remember reading about it from your weekly email subscription (excellent btw!) quite recently. I just have to get the time to put this into practice 😀

@jcarville You're welcome! Thanks for the kind words re the newsletter - I'm glad you find it useful 🙂

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