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how to get facebook business manager data into power bi desktop


I have an account in facebook business manager, there we have list of webistes data (related facebook).


When I am using Power BI Desktop to get the data by using 'Facebook' option it is taking me to personal Id facebook.

But its not taking me to facebook business manager.

Please guide me how to get the facebook business manager data into power bi.



Nagarjun K



Hi, I did not manage to get the other solution working, but I succeed with the connector from Scitylana, you can get it here:

Hi to all i am using this moment the connector


But although it appears only 25 pages while i have more than 100+ pages. 


Does anyone know why this happens? is there any limitation?


Maybe you aree using an other version of the connector?

Have you tried the latest version?


If you still have problems, contact Scitylana support, support at scitylana dot com



Hi, I just tried to use the Connector and received a couple of errors depending on which Ad Account dataset I tried to pull. 


If I try to connect to a Facebook All Ads Insights, I just get all null fields in my table (there is plenty of data in this Ad Account)

If I try to connect to Facebook Ad Actions, I get the log, DataSource.Error: Web.Contents failed to get contents from .... (400):Bad Request

If I try to connect to Facebook Active Ad Insights, I get Expression.Error: The column 'column1' of the table wasn't found. 


I wrote to the support email you provided in your post. Will wait to hear back. 

Maybe you aree using an other version of the connector?

Have you tried the latest version?


If you still have problems, contact Scitylana support, support at scitylana dot com



I'm getting "Column1" not found using this custom connector 😞

Very interesting move! I would highly appreciate using this connector.

However, I get this response, no matter what account I try to connect with. Do you have any idea of what goes wrong?



Hi @MarianneElver

Thanks for trying out the connector. By the looks the message means that something in the request is not correctly stiched together, did you get over the logon screen and your name probably apeared on the navigation screen but then this? Will have to chek my latest changes. 


The connector is still in test, I was looking for volunteers to test all of it's capabilities.

If you would like to participate in the trials do let me know.


All of the code is open source on the same github repository.

Hello all,

Nice connector @hugoberry! It's really easy to use, but I'm having an error when I select FB Page View Insights on Facebook Page Insights Connector. Does someone can help with this issue? 
DataSource.Error: Falha no Web.Contents ao obter conteúdo de '' (400): Bad Request

Best Regards,
Diego S. Lutckmeier

Hi Diego, I have no solution to the connector from hugoberry, but if you still don't manage to get it to work, I can recommend using this other connector here ( as I use them on an ongoing basis and they work. Hope you find a solution either way! Best, Marianne

Hi Marianne,

I'm downloading the data from Facebook page insights, there are a lot of useful data. It's a bit manual but it's workable.
I tryied scitylana but it doesn't has 100% of the data, but thanks anyway!

hi, im trying to use this conector but im having the same trouble :


DataSource.Error: Web.Contents failed to get contents from '' (400): Bad Request


did you solve this ? there is an update for this conector? i ll be very glad if yes!

thanks for your answer!

I would be happy to volunteer! If will use this for combining Facebook ad data with raw data from Google Analytics (through Scitylana), so I get the complete funnel from impression to conversion and also to see behavior on site from Facebook ads. Today I load a csv file, but this does not refresh automatically of course.


When using the connector, I got a login screen to Facebook which told me I was already signed in - this might be because I have tried various solutions so far to make this work. What could be the issue is that I manage several Facebook accounts, all are tied to the same account of mine. If I go back to the source step in the query, I see the accounts tied to my account, but from there, when unfolding the data from these tables, I get the "bad request".

Not applicable

I know I'm a little late to the party on this, but I've come across a pretty straightforward way to get Facebook Ad marketing data in Power BI. Using this resource: I created a URL that will get the data. Here are the steps I went through:


1. Get Data

2. Web

3. URL =

     - Change "youradid" to the Facebook Ad ID

     - Change "youraccesstoken" to the Facebook access_token for your account (I watched this video to get that info:

4. Use "Anonymous" connection and "Connect"

5. Click on the highlighted "list" next to "data" in the query

6. Click "To Table" then "Ok"

7. Expand columns

8. Format it and setup the reports


That did it for me, and it refreshes Online with an Anonymous connection.


FYI: Reference the Facebook Insights API link above for any other fields you want to add, but what I'm using gave me everything I need.


I just set this up last night, so I haven't done thorough testing, but so far so good.


Hope this works for you guys and helps you out.

Hi, What do you mean by account id here ? and kindly mention what will be the steps in power bi that are needed to do to get this done. Sorry if you think this is too stupid to ask. Im just a beginner and learning how to do it. Thanks

Now that a huge number of IDs are involved in Facebook advertising, could you please be a little more specific on what is/where to find the "Facebook Ad ID" in step 3? Thanks!

Login to your facebook. 

From top right drop down select create ads. you will now directed towards facebook ads manager page. 

click settings 

you'll now see your account id. 

Hello , I have tried these steps and I get my ad id and access code also. However, I am facing the following issue on clicking on the link


   "error": {
      "message": "(#274) The ad account is not enabled for usage in Ads API. Please add it in -> select your app -> settings -> advanced -> advertising accounts -> Ads API. Account 1486621934964404 not enabled for this application.",
      "type": "OAuthException",
      "code": 274,
      "fbtrace_id": "B+OcLTSGwqS"


How Do I resolve this?


Not applicable

Hi @ApurvaKhatri,


This is question for Facebook, but I migh be able to help.


1. Go to:

2. Click the dropdown on the right hand side for "My Apps"

3. Select your Facebook account name (will be at the top of the dropdown list)

4. In the next page, click "Settings" on the left

5. Click "Advanced" under Settings

6. Scroll down and under "Advertising Accounts" you'll see the account id's listed that are authorized

7. If the account id you want for reporting isn't listed, click "Ads API" on the right and check off the account id you want the API to have access to

8. Once the account id is listed under "Advertising Accounts", click "Save Changes"

9. Generate a new auth token by clicking "Marketing API" on the left and click "Tools". In the next window check the boxes for "read_insights" and "ads_read" then click "Get Token". Copy the token and use that in the URL for the Power BI Facebook connection


Hopefully that'll give you what you need.




The access token i get from doing this will be long lived ? or it will be expire after some time? 

Can you just explain a little what is account id here ? and how can i get one?

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