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User Experience Survey: Power BI/Power Automate/Microsoft Forms



We want to send an IT ticketing survey to targeted individuals to rate their experience. Our current idea is to use a Power BI report to identify the user’s email address and ticket number. Then use Power Automate to send an email to the target user with a link a Microsoft Form. If possible, we would like to take the ticket number from the Power BI report and pre-fill a text field on the Form.  


I am not sure this is a viable solution. Looking for insight from the form if this is too lofty of an ask.  


Thank you, 

Super User
Super User

Okay this is hilarious, I stand corrected - they juuuust added this feature a couple weeks ago! Good timing. 🙂

Thanks for the response. I looked at this also but unfortunately the prefilled information is not dynamic for each individual survey sent out. So, in my use case the ticket number would need to change for each recipient.

Super User
Super User

You would need to use canvas Power Apps for this instead of MS Forms for the survey. What you need to be able to do is to put the ticket ID into the URL that you send the user, and then have the app capture that when it creates the survey record by pulling it from the URL parameters. Canvas apps can handle URL paramaters like this, MS Forms can't unfortunately. I wish it could. 🙃

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Super User

What's the value add of Power BI in this process?

Thanks for responding. The purpose of the Power BI report is to pull in the ticket number and the email address of the person that needs to be contacted. 


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