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Unexpected attributes returned for DatasourceConnectionDetails

I am using the Admin API to perform Workspace metadata scans.


One of the JSON attributes returned is named "connectionDetails" and it is of type DatasourceConnectionDetails.


The documentation is here:


The expected attributes include the following:




However, when we use Amazon Redshift, the returned JSON looks like this:

(These are not the actual GUIDs, so don't get concerned and warn me about it)


Note that "extensionDataSourceKind" and "extensionDataSourcePath" are not documented (see above).


What is going on here, and are there other undocumented attributes that may be returned?

Is the documentation outdated?




Thank you for considering and responding to this post!



Super User
Super User

yes, this is typical for an "Extensions"  type of data source. It is assumed that the actual information is squirreled away by the actual extension.


What's the problem you are trying to solve?

That makes sense. A piece of commercial metadata processing software has reacted negatively to this.


The documentation does not make mention of the possibility of additional attributes. It is worth noting that there are instances of Amazon Redshift connections in this same workspace where the "connectionDetails" attribute contains the "kind" and "path" attributes, and not these "extensionDataSourcePath" and "extensionDataSourcePath" attributes.


The documentation should be updated to reflect the fact that additional attributes may be returned, particularly in cases of "extensions". However, this is a certified connector. How is one to know what is native and what is an extension, when certified connectors are, in fact, extensions. Is this documented somewhere?


There are fairly large gaps in Microsoft documentation these days compared to the "Books Online" era.


Thank you.

Wait until you learn about SIMBA - makes you question if "native"  even means anything.

I assume this refers to the "Simba" drivers from insightsoftware, and not a new acronym.


Regardless, we need to find out why the documentation for the DataConnectionDetails attribute is fundamentally incorrect.


I sent Microsoft feedback on the page. Hopefully, they will update it accordingly.




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