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New Member

Setting up Azure AD for Power BI Application access

Hello folks, 

Im attemtping to complete the necessary steps to use the Power BI rest API to manage my data sets. Below is a list of the steps I have taken and the issue im having. 


  1. Created BI Service account using my work email address and created some dashboards with some imported CSV data. Thought this was cool and decided i wanted to move forward with a realtime dashboard and the Power BI Rest API to provide the and mange the dataset. 
  2. Read the documentation and setup an Azure Account and configured a new domain called FXOPowerBI in the Azure Active Directory called 
  3. Set the country for to US. 
  4. Attempted to register for Power BI Service. On the first screen i enter my work email address since the doesnt exist on a mailbox i have access to. It tells me i already have a licenses and dont need to register and then takes me to a login page. 
  5. I enter the credentials for and then ist starts setting up something. it spends about 2-3 minutes doing this and then returns a page saying 
    Something went wrong.
    Please try again later.
    We were not able to retrieve your user license within the allotted time limit.
    Date and Time: 2016-02-11 20:52:38Z
    ActivityId: 2a58f5a5-f0f7-45ed-882d-08f52104a84d


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

New Member

So i attempted this again today on another Azure AD and found that the issue seems to be when regsitering for power BI using my newly created AD app account. it wants to send me an email to complete the registration but I wont/dont have an inbox for that account. 

@jsalassi I'll step in to throw out some ideas, but I'm not an expert in this area. I think your issue revolves around the fact that you signed up with your work email. Are you using this with your company, or are you trying to make this a skunk works project?

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@Seth_C_Bauer I originally signed up ithrough my work email. Then later discovered the Power Bi rest service for performing realtime updates and learned that i had to setup the Azure AD authentication in order to use it. Which is where im at today. 

What this boils down to is the all important provisioining process 🙂


When you first sign up to Power BI, what happens is that Microsoft creates a tenant for you behind the scenes. Automated, of course and following some checks against the domain name etc.


I'll skip technical detail, but two key things happen:

  • Your location is established in order to determine which regional data centre the tenant is hosted in
  • An Azure AD instance is created as part of the tenant

It's the Azure AD bit that I feel is important in your case.


Currently, you have your work domain set up in an Azure AD instance. From what I can gather, you then set up a second Azure AD instance for the purpose of some configuration. So in effect, you now have two Azure AD instances.


I think the way forward for you would be to gain access to the Azure AD instance that has been created for the domain of your work account and set up whatever it is you need there.


For detailed information on the setup of Azure AD alongside Power BI, cast your eyes here:


Hope this all proves helpful.



My other computer is an Azure data centre.

bump. Any ideas folks?

Hi jsalassi, can you try logging in directly through with your newly created Azure account? There appears to be a problem retrieving your account through the provisioning service if you have not logged on once to the service.

@chrichuaI just attempted this and found tha tim still being presented a page saying


Great! Go check your email.
To finish signing up, click the link in the mail from Office 365. Didn't get the mail? Check your spam folder or resend the mail

Hi jsalassi,


Here is another workaround for your scenario.


Go directly to and sign in with the azure AD account you want to use. Then navigate to and then follow the prompts to complete sign up.


Please report back if you see any issues.


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