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REST API for creating Power BI datasets, tables and columns

I'm looking for a REST API that I can use to manage Power BI datasets: create dataset, add/remove tables, add/remove columns, add/remove measures, etc. In my specific use case, I intend to consume such API in Java.


So far, I found this resource:, which allows me to get only base data of my datasets. I cannot access tables and columns, let alone modify them. The Java libraries I tried reflect this (, 


I am aware that there is a possibility to do this using "Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Tabular.dll" (, but as far as I can judge, there is no REST endpoint for this. Lastly, I looked at XMLA endpoints, which looked rather far from what I was expecting.


Am I missing some API? Any hints would be appreciated.

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

@ErikVoorbraak  - this is the API call to import a dataset. Imports - Post Import In Group - REST API (Power BI Power BI REST APIs) | Microsoft Learn.  This will create or replace if already exists.

@Daryl-Lynch-Bzy So to import a dataset, I should send over a pbix file? I know that pbix is a ZIPped folder structure, most of which is quite readable, with one exception: the "DataModel" file (compressed with "xpress 9"). So how should I create the PBIX? Or should I send something different?

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Resident Rockstar

Hi @ErikVoorbraak - It is not possible to edit the Data Model (add/remove tables, add/remove columns, add/remove measures) via the Rest API.  You can only create, replace and refresh.

If you want to modify the Data Model (add/remove tables, add/remove columns, add/remove measures) you will need to use an XMLA endpoint tool.  Tabular Editor is the most popular external tool.  Try the paid version, Tabular Editor 3.  Tabular Editor 3


You may want to check out pbi-tools CLI | pbi-tools as this allows you to manage Power BI datasets GitHub / VS Code.

Hi Daryl,


Thank you for your answer. You wrote "You can only create, replace and refresh" - are you referring to the API documentation on Looking in the section "Datasets", I cannot find a REST call to create or replace (non-empty) datasets. Should I look in a different place?

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