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Querying specific column data with Power BI API


My manager isn't pleased with the visual design for the filters and wants to use external ones that connets to the embed using the API. I am currently working in Angular and I've figured out how to filter by specific values on the embed using the Power BI API's. The problem is that this is not dynamic. For example, currency types, there are a ton of currency types: USD, CAD, etc. However, the user may only have a few in their table, that that's where I'm stuck right now. I don't want to hard code every type of currency into the filter for obvious reasons and the only solution I can think of right now is to have the column data so I can run some function to return me the unique values and display that to the external filter. Is there any way I can query a data base for a specific column and its data? Preferrably using a http request library in Javascript or in Postman.


Helper I
Helper I

Hey @Yanbo, this is the full documentation of PBI REST API: Power BI REST APIs for embedded analytics and automation - Power BI REST API | Microsoft Learn, where you can find all the requests you might need.


Going back to your question: sadly no. Datasets in PowerBI are not Databases, and that's why you do not have many of the possibilities that you would expect from a database, such as querying for values in a specific column. But again, all you can do with PowerBI REST API is described in the documentation linked above. If you do not find the request you want, then it doesn't exist. 


Hope I helped you!:)

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