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Publish to Web - disable right click

Hello everybody!


I'm using Publish to Web to embed a dashboard in a web page, however, since I'm going to share private data, people can not see the data under the dashboard.


My questions:

1. Is there any way to disable the "See Records" and/or "Show Data" features in the dashboard?

2. Or, in a more general context, how can I disable right click on the dashboard?


If I could not achive this scenario with Publish to Web, can I do this with another Power BI service (such as Pro account or Power BI embed) ? 


Thank you!

Resolver IV
Resolver IV

Hi @mathRodrigues , it is possible, go to the pane you have "Cabeçalho de Elementos" inside this menu, you could desactived drill down, expand to the next level, turn off to see data layout, etc.


I hope this post help you.





Hi again, @henriquesilveir!


Thanks again for your attention! I do not want to be rude, but you could more specifically where I can find this "Cabeçalho de Elementos"? I found only the "Cabeçalho de elemento visual", which is just a toggle option.


 Sem título.png



Hello, @mathRodrigues, i've checked more deeper about this 'action'. 

But is possible to do something, like the official article from MS: See record have some limitations:


See Records has the following limitations:

- You can't change the data in the See Records view and save it back to the report.
- You can't use See Records when your visual uses a calculated measure.
- You can't use See Records when you are connected to a live multidimensional (MD) model.


I recomend you to change your 'value field' to a calculated measure, for example, if you have a field that is Sales Amount, change him to a calculate Measure using some calculate like sum([table]SalesAmount) , i've tested it and work fine! 


It will help you! don't forget to mark as solution if you got it! 


Best Regards,

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