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New Member

Power BI REST API and HTTP429

Hi all,


I've been tasked to find and download the PowerBI lineage to our PowerBI Reports and Dashboards. To this end I have used the following PowerBI API to get the datasources to my datasets:

I use this API to gather the information I need:


As I understand I need to call the API for every dataset in my organisations tenant, resulting in quite a few API calls. Quickly resulting in a 429 "Too many requests" error.


It occurs to me that underlying API calls are made succesfully, so the throttling limit appears to be affecting this particular API (?).


What is the most efficient way of getting the Report or Dashboard Lineage from the REST API? It's a pity there is no option (I know off) that includes the datasources when using the API call to get all datasets.


Or is there a way around the 429 warning? Does anyone know what the throttling limit is?


Kind regard, Jeroen



New Member

This does not show any example that include the datasources per dataset. Or give any other way (that I can see) to load the lineage of my reports/dashboards.


I appreciate the letmegooglethatforyou attempt though.

Do you have access to the Scanner API?  

Metadata scanning - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

Admin - WorkspaceInfo PostWorkspaceInfo - REST API (Power BI Power BI REST APIs) | Microsoft Learn

Note the "datasource Details"  switch in the call.

The scanner API was turned on by the admin (following this information):


However, a day later I still get this response:

  "id": "c1654c78-be11-4267-b4ce-b620fc6b224f",
  "createdDateTime": "2024-02-06T15:56:46.8488718Z",
  "status": "NotStarted"


I'll do some more research in why it has not started. Or why it is not working.

Ah! It is working. The id provided above can be picked up with a get scanresult API call.


Thanks for the help!


Kind regards, Jeroen



I had not noticed the Scanner API. Looks promising, it has not been activated in our tenant, I'll get someone to activate it and will update this thread later this week! 😀

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