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How to create .mez file in VS code using the Power Query SDK?

Hello, I'm learning how to create Power BI custom connectors, I have been able to create the hello world and their respective .mez file using Visual Studio 2019 and their respective SDK, but looking into the documentation, seems that the new recomended way to create connectors is using Visual Studio Code and the Power Query Connector SDK extension. 


The thing is I cannot find a way to create the .mez file, in Visual Studio, this was prety straight forward and there were several example videos on Youtube, but that's not the case for VS code, so

How can I create the .mez file in VS code? 

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For anyone that ends up here from a Google like me you can build the mez file in VS code by going to:


Terminal > "Run Build Task..." > Build connector project using MakePQX

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@Greg_Deckler but you still have not have answered my question, ok, once that I have created the project with the "Create an extension project" I'm seeing a .mez file under bin\AnyCPU\Debug, if I delete this file, how can I generate it again?

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 Getting the Power Query SDK

The Power Query SDK can be downloaded from the Visual Studio Marketplace: Power Query SDK - Visual Studio Marketplace. If you instead have Visual Studio 2017 or 2019, then yo...Power Query SDK - Visual Studio Marketplace. Again, the instructions found in this book assume that ...

Clicking the Install button on the web page for the new Power Query SDK for Visual Studio Code launches Visual Studio Code and brings up the install page for the Power Query SDK. Simply click the Install button here to download and install the SDK.

With Visual Studio Code and the Power Query SDK installed, we can now create a custom connector for Power Query.

Launch Visual Studio Code if it is not running already. Access the Explorer and then create a new extension project by clicking the Create an extension project button as shown in below :



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