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How to Bind Dataset to Gateway using Service Principal?

As per, I can see that "You can't install or manage an on-premises data gateway using service principal". The thing is, I just need, as a Service Principal, to bind an existing Gateway Data Source to a Dataset. The Gateway Datasource will be created manually by the Gateway Administrator.


I have tried using the Bind to Gateway API (, with no luck. Can only make the API work by impersonating a User instead of a Service.


Did anyone managed to bind a gateway datasource to a dataset using a Service Principal yet?



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I too am experiencing the same behavior and would appreciate any assistance or tips if anyone has managed to get around this. The intention would be to automate the process of:

1) Deploying a report to a workspace (works)

2) Configuring any parameters (works)

3) Taking over the dataset (works)

3) Specifying the use of the gateway (a mapped datasource should already exist, a single locally hosted MSSQL database in this instance). Struggling at this step.


So far I have noticed that the discover-gateways-in-group method seems to return no gateway id when running this as a service principal but does seem to return a gateway id when running as an impersonated user. This is true even if the service principal is added as a user to the datasource for the gateway or as a gateway admin. I've also tried giving the service principal the scope permissions mentioned in the documentation - DataSet.ReadWriteAll



Is there an additional step that is required in order for the service princiapal to make use of datasources that have already been manually created? I suspect I may be missing something. 


I am primarily using PowerShell and making any required Rest calls using the Invoke-PowerBIRestMethod.


Would very much appreciate any guidance or suggestions!


For anyone interested, there is a video that explains this process quite nicely : Service Principal Data Gateway Refresh 


As at the time of writing:

-Needed to add the service principal as a data source user for the respective data source in the gateway

-Needed to add the service principal directly (as opposed to adding via a group). This may simply have been a misconfiguration on my side but ultimately got it working by adding the service principal as a data source user via the DataGateway commandlet (needed to use PowerShell 7)

-Once the service principal was added I was able to use the Bind To Gateway rest call [] followed by a Refresh Dataset in Group call []




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Hi @guilhermegranda,


I've got the same problem. Did you was able to sort this out? or can someone help with this, please?




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