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Google Analytics (GA) Unique Users And Other Metrics

I was tasked with importing our GA data into PBi, so we can compare it with various social media sources that we have. I thought this would be an easy task as there is a custom connector; however, I was terribly wrong. Once I imported the data and started to compare numbers to what was in GA, I saw that the User's metric wasn't correct. I understand that the user metric represents Unique Users in GA, but when it's in PBi, it's totally all users (Both returned and new visitors). I also noticed a few other metrics like the bounce rate that was exceedingly high. I've tried looking everywhere for a solution to this. My company current uses DashThis to compare all of the data, and it's receiving the correct data somehow. Stack Overflow didn't have a solution for me, neither did Reddit. I have tried searching through multiple threads here, but I still can't seem to find anything. A few people just said "That's just the way it is," but there's got to be someway to get this corrected. I have even tried using a CData custom connector for this issue and I'm having problems querying using their connector. Please, any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Helper I
Helper I

My reply is too late but for those who is still struggling: comparing GA data obtained from different sources: API, export to CSV, etc. is a never ending process. As an alternative, you may import GA data into and connect your Power BI to it. google sources.png

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