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Gantt Chart


I’m trying to reproduce the Gantt view we have similar to our planning software


Gantt Chart.JPG


I need a Gantt Visulisation where we can group the data at header levels (Highlighted in the yellow box - Project ID/Location/Area) then add the colums we need to show (Activity ID/Activity Name/Original Duration/Start/Finish). Followed by the Gantt Chart information to show bars (possibly with an adjustable timescale?)

Id also like to be able to format the colours & text on the header bars and the activities in the Gantt chart 


I'm told a work-around could be a matrix visual but im using an older version at the moment (Sep 2018) but believe we are rolling out the latest version in my organisation soon 


Anyone know if there is a visual in Power BI or Marketplace that could suit my requirments?

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I would recomend you to try out the xViz Gantt chart. It is by far the most sophisticate Gantt chart in Power BI. Following are some useful links-


10 New Gantt Features

Key Feature for Gantt chart

How to get started 

Alerting Functionality

Use cases 

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The new Gantt chart by xViz should suffice most of your needs. Its the most sophiticated Gantt chart avilable for Microsoft Power BI so far. Try it out !


Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Hello @nickbert_81 ,


By expand/collapse at nominated level, do you mean the expand/collapse of the individual columns dragged in KPI section ?


Currently, Gantt Chart by MAQ Software does not support resizing the columns dragged in KPI section.

We have added your request to our backlog. We will notify you on this thread when we upgrade our visual with this feature.


We are able to reproduce the issue that the last 2 digits of the date field dragged are getting trimmed. We are working on analysing the issue.

We will notify you on this thread when we have an update.





Thanks for your reply


I’d like to be able to expand/collapse to these various levels with out having to manually click through every down arrow to get the task name.




Like in our planning software we have the options to expand all, collapse all, collapse to {Drop down box} where you can select any level assigned in the category box above


It may be worth looking at having a “Header Box” to drop the fields in for grouping data to have titles – it would be great to be able to format the colours of these titles as well


Then have the “Category box” for columns and “KPI box




You can try to use our gantt or version from MAQ Software.

I provided both links below.


MS Gantt

Gantt Chart by MAQ Software


Evgenii Elkin,
Software Engineer
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

Hi Evgenii,


Thanks for your reply


I have watched the video and had a play with the MAQ Gantt Visuall in Power BI


- Is there a way of expand/collapse all or expand/collapse to a nominated level

- I take it there is a limit of 4 values you can place in the Category section

- I can see that I can adjust the display ratio of the columns in the catergory section, is there a way to adjust the width of the KPI columns? Ive had to use all 4 fields in the Category section so I have pushed the Start & Finish dates into the KPI section

It looks like it has picked up that its a date in reverse but it has cut off the last 2 digits


Happy to share a screenshot to the email below as an example





Hi Nick,


Regarding features and instructions for MAQ Gant it is better to ask MAQ Software.

I know that MS gantt has such feature as "expand all/collapse all" and if you need something specific you always can clone the repository , modify source code and build visual with adjustment for your needs.

Also you can create an idea regarding new features here and it may be considered. 


Evgenii Elkin,
Software Engineer
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

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