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Export Power BI Dataset using API



I'm trying to use the API to export a dataset which doesn't have a report associated with it.


My scenario:

  1. A .pbix file named "My Data.pbix" has been created in Power BI desktop containing data and deployed to the service
  2. This results in a dataset named "My Data" and a report also named "My Data" exising in the service
  3. Subsequent reports have been developed in Power BI Desktop connecting to the "My Data" dataset deployed to the service
  4. The "My Data" report generated in steps 1&2 has been deleted (the data set "My Data" remains)


Using the Export Report In Group endpoint I can export all reports from step 3 to local .pbix files, however I can't export the "My Data" dataset as there is no report explicitly associated with it. Neither can I find an endpoint for exporting datasets rather than reports.


I've read through the Duplicate workspaces using the Power BI REST APIs tutorial, but this doesn't seem to cover my scenario.



I can use a browser, navigate to the dataset and download from there, however I'm looking for a way to do this programmatically. Is this possible and if so how?

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Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

In your scenario, as you have already noticed, there isn't a direct endpoint to export a dataset programmatically. One possible workaround could be to create a new report with just one visual using the dataset "My Data" and then export that report programmatically using the Export Report In Group endpoint.

Another alternative could be to use the Get Data Source API endpoint to get the connection information for the dataset and then use that information to programmatically connect to the dataset and export the data.

Please let me know if this helps, or if you have any further questions.

Thanks for these suggestions I will definitely investigate them. 

For you second suggestion you say to programatically connect to the dataset and export the data; do you mean by directly connecting to the underlying source of data (i.e. SQL Server) and then pull the data from the tables?

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Need this too.  The interal API is obviously there as you can do it from the interface, it just needs exposing into the public API.  Shouldn't be a difficult or time consuming job.

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Need this as well

Resolver II
Resolver II

I need this also

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I also have this need +1

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We also really need this feature. We are using the APIs to migrate from tenant to another and we have a lot of datasets used by paginated reports but that have no associated power bi report.

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Adding my vote for this as well... is there a place we can vote for this feature to get built? Export dataset or run a query and export dataset?

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Similar problem. Did you find any solution?

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Me too.

Helper I
Helper I

Does anyone know if there is an answer to this yet?

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Need this too 🙂

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