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Advocate I

Drilldown Stopped Working on Custom Visual

I'm not sure when it started - definitely quite recently - but my custom visual's drilldown has ceased to work on Desktop, Service and Mobile.


As I recall I didn't have to implement anything specific regarding selection to enable drilldown originally - the code that handled selection would just instigate drilldown when drill mode was turned on. Now though, even with drill mode turned on, clicking or tapping the selection just selects the data point as if drill mode was turned off.


I feel like this change might foreshadow the ability to trigger drilldown in other ways, which is something I requested a while back. If so, great, but for now I just need to fix my visual to re-enable the drilldown in the standard way. I will so searching in some of the core visual code if nobody can help, but first, any ideas?


@tomhawley Have you downloaded the custom viz again? Updates to the Service or Desktop have a tendancy to break things in custom viz's. Then the custom viz is updated, and requires you to go get the latest version. From my understanding they are introducing a sandboxing dev environment for custom viz's so this doesn't happen, but I'd try that first.

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@Seth_C_Bauer the visual is my own, so there is nothing to re-download. I have overwritten the visual in my .pbix just in case it made a difference, but it didn't.


Unless you're talking about a different type of sandboxing to the one that recently went live, discussed in another thread, I don't think it's going to have that effect. It's more stopping visual developers poking around in the core functionality of the product. It doesn't mean that the frameworks that get injected into the sandbox can't still change at a moments notice (or without notice).


The drill issue i'm experiencing felt more like the above - as if how the service responds to the selection manager's events had changed, but given the absence of anyone else seeing the same, i'll have to go see if I can figure this one out alone whether it's this or something else.


A nod from MS on whether anything has changed in this area would be very useful, if anyone is watching this.



If nobody can assist me directly with this can anybody at least suggest some visual code I can use as a reference point? I used to use the FunnelChart, but gradually even the code for that has shifted to undocumented helper libraries that handle areas such as these, e.g. my issue is obviously something to do with, but the SelectionManager class doesn't even make an appearance in FunnelChart.ts, which I think it used to. I'm left trying to find a needle in a haystack.


Should it really be necessary to understand every line of code in the custom visuals github to have any chance of building a working visual?

I am having the same problem challenge.  I was using the bullet chart as a template but drill down does not work and the title don't display correctly if they are over more than 20 characters.


I understand this is early but it would be nice to have a shot at using this technology with some samples that work.

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