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Comparing two dates when one field is text and the other a date



I'm hoping someone can help. In my data I've got two different fields. An opened date and a closed date. My opened date always contains an date so the format is date. The closed date doesn't always contain a closed date so may sometimes contain "NULL".


This field is then formatted as text and when I try to work out the difference between the 2 dates I get an error.


As this is the way the dat pulls through from the source data I'd ideally not like to have to replace blanks etc.. within PowerBI but put it in the formula.


I want to write =IF(opened_date)=(closed_date),1,0)


Please help



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

For the NUll, we have a function IsBlank() could be used.

You could first check if the closed date is blank first.

The formula should be changed as below:

IF(Or(!(opened_date)=(closed_date), IsBlank(closed_date)),0,1)



Thanks Michael, however when I try this I still get the error below


The syntax for '!' is incorrect. (DAX(IF(Or(!(opened_date)=(closed_date), IsBlank(closed_date)),0,1))).

My bad.


Try the following:

IF(Or(not((opened_date)=(closed_date)), IsBlank(closed_date)),0,1)



Thanks Michael. That cleared that error but I still get the following:


DAX comparison operations do not support comparing values of type Date with values of type Text. Consider using the VALUE or FORMAT function to convert one of the values.

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