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API activePage.getFilters() throws 500 after drill through from a page with bookmark applied.

We have a report page with bookmark applied. After clicking an item to drill through to, the embed drills through successfully. However I am trying to get the current filters/visuals from the active page during the 'rendered' event. I have found that if I have the settings like this:

 settings: {
            panes: {
                filters: {
                    visible: true,
                    expanded: true
The activePage.getFilters works as expected. However when visible is false. I can debug to a 500 from PBIs api request.

If their is no bookmark state applied, it does not 500. I wonder if it has to do with a filter that is within the bookmark state. When the filters are visible, I noticed this filter in the result of getFilters, that stood out to me:
"$schema": "",
"target": null,
"filterType": 2,
"message": "Not supported filter type - can't serialize to json syntax.",
"notSupportedTypeName": "Passthrough"
I wonder if this is some how breaking the non-visible getFilters call? This was all reproducable in the PBI Playground. From a developer POV, the visibility of filters should not determine the result of the getFilters API call.


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