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Helper II
Helper II

sorting a matrix visual descending order based on total but in the item row blank should be at last

Hi Everyone,


please help me out for sorting the matrix visual in power bi desktop where the rows are taken from Pick_latest_table, Item column and columns are taken from calendar table - month name column. values from a measure by name count request. now i have to sort the matrix visual in descending order by count request in total but the blank item should be placed at last. please help me out for sorting this in matrix visual. i am attaching the table as well for your reference 








Thanks in advance and here the blank item total is 4 but we have total with other as  3, 2 and 1 as well but i need total as desceding order but irrespective of the total sorting the item blank should be placed at last row. if it is possible please let me know.


Thanks in advance.



Helper II
Helper II

I have a matrix visual where row is taken from a Pick_Latest_Tickets table which is having a column of Item. columns are taken from the calendar table of month column (jan,feb,......dec) and values are taken from the measure by name count request which is 

Count Request = CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT(Pick_Latest_Tickets[REQUEST_ID]),USERELATIONSHIP(Calnedar[DateID],Pick_Latest_Tickets[DATE_ID]))
now i am able to sort the matrix visual by count request by total but here i need the item which is blank should be presented at last row irrespective of the total value. Means - except the Blank item all the totals should be sorted descending by count request total but i need blank at the end of the row.
I hope the explaination is clear now. 


the blank row should come before total but all other items should not be disturbed. I hope this will makes you understand. 

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi Lahari,


Your question is not clear. Could you please eloborate more along with same sample data?


Appreciate a Kudos! ‌‌
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N V Durga Prasad

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