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Resolver II
Resolver II

slicer, select more than one value

Hi all

I read a lot of post but I have not found a solution for my problem.

I've a list of tickets numbers some of them are related.

I'm able to have a string value with the numbers related (tktNr100, tktNr101, tktNr200).

I would insert the string in a slicer and view only the selected tickets.... there is an object or a way to do this?
I'm searching a slicer or a way as in picture ... if possible with an example



thanks for any suggestion or idea



I apologize.  That's the wrong visual. What I actually meant was the "FilterByList"  visual.  See attached.



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Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @lbendlin and thanks for your help.
I try to download the demo and testing your suggestion, but it seem give not the desired result


maybe the data of search need to be divided from by a special character?


That's not a Text filter visual.

@lbendlin , thanks for ypr help .... in your link I cannot enter.
Can you indicate some other link where I can find a "Text filter visual"?



Hi @lbendlin thanks for you help.
The image I post above is for the same filter, now I put it in the report, but it doesn't work... how am I wrong?



Put each value on a separate line.

@lbendlin thank you for your patience .... can you send an example with some screenshot?
I'm not able to replicate your suggestions


I apologize.  That's the wrong visual. What I actually meant was the "FilterByList"  visual.  See attached.



Hi @lbendlin this is what I was searching.
Thanks a lot

Super User
Super User

Use the TextFilter custom visual.

FileShare - Custom Visuals - FileView (


Hi @lbendlin 
thanks for reply, but I'm not able to understand how to use to select 2 (or more) differents values as I've indicated in my initial request ... can you help me with some example?

Each value on its own line in the Text filter visual.

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