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Post Partisan
Post Partisan

relationship - blank values on slicer


I created an ID (a concatenation from couple of columns) and a relation between 2 data basis.

many to one with both cross filter direction

And i don't understand something: a column slicer from one of the data base doesn't become an union between the two basis and appears a blank option inside the slicer (because as ussually not all IDs are common)

That not was happening on qlikview, a filter box became common and all the items are on it. 

Do i make something wrong? Why is different if i choose to use slicer with a column from one data base to another? How to set them to be common?



Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @cosminc,

     Please check if any filter applied for the report. Remove the filter and check. I had same issue, and i found there were some filter applied to my report for specific values.


Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hi @cosminc,


Are you sure that the one side contains all ID's from many side ?

No 1 base 2018 jan-jun and 2nd 2016-2018 jan-may The idea is when i made a relationship, the slicer has to have all options as an union, no matter if i use slicer with months dimension from 1 base or from second. Now i see items from 1st base and also as blanks the non common items which are in the other base but not on the first one.

1st data base is also split on weeks so i have many id month-year and 2nd data base is not on one id for the concatenation month-year

Many to one relations
how would you manage this?



Hi @cosminc

I try to create a pbix to reproduce your problem, but i can't get the right data model, could you have a look and point out what you have done and what you expect?


Best Regards



i attached an example on email

i established a relation one to many (both directions) between 2 data sets (i created an ID concatenation, the two sets have year, month and only the one has weeks columns); and i don't understand when i create a slicer with dimension months from first data set which has jan to jun data, a see as blank the months which aren't here but on the second data set (jul-dec)

scope: 2 visuals (one on monthly level from 1st data set and second on weekly level from 2nd data set, buttons on-off and slicers - but these slicers need to be an union items between the 2 basis, usable for both visual, that's why i create the relationship from data sets



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