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Helper II
Helper II

refresh my data

Hello everyone

I read somewhere that if i save my power bi files on the cloud (one drive company) that would have no problem of data being refreshed automaticaly. Is that so? Cose it's not working.

I'm using the free version of power bi desktop and also my data source is from within my company.

And also, when i've tried to refresh data on PBI browser, i got this error:


Something went wrong.
Your data gateway (Power BI – personal) is offline or couldn't be reached.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Processing errorYour data gateway (Power BI – personal) is offline or could not be reached. Ensure the gateway computer is on and you are logged on to it during the scheduled refresh period.
Activity ID3aa39486-2db1-43c0-bacf-44cdea0b7587
Request IDb3c03d8f-f09b-00b1-b305-542726a1d092
Time2016-09-26 10:18:12Z


Is there any way of having my data refreshed with my current conditions?

Many thanks for your replies

Best regards





According to this document, the personal gateway is only available with Power BI Pro. You can try with the pro trial to see if it works.


Best Regards,


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Regular Visitor

I am having a similar issue.  My data gateway was running on schedule just fine up until I added a second data source to my Power BI Desktop file and published it.  I add a calendar set of tables from the Azure Marketplace.  As soon as I remove those tables and data source, then I am able to connect the file in Power BI Online and schedule a refresh.  Under Manage Gateways, the gateway conection seems to be "online and good to go".


I connect to the Azure Marketplace on my Power BI desktop version by using a key (vs my credentials) and I double-checked that as well and even set the Privacy Level to "Organizational". Re-deployed but I am still unable to use the data gateway.




Again, if I remove the Azure Marketeplace data sources and tables, then I am able to select the gateway just fine...



If anyone has any insights on this, I would greatly appreciate it.  At the moment it seems as though all of the tables and data sources in the same Power BI need to come from that same on-premise gateway data source. Really?



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee



As KHorseman mentioned above, the key factor is the data source. Following document lists the data sources which does/doesn't require the gateway. You can take a look at it.


Best Regards,


Hi Herbert

I think the main problem here is that i don't have any way of refreshing my data without a gateway download and i don't have it till i have a free version, because, when i choose SCHEDULE REFRESH they ask me to try the pro version...



Do you mean that you cannot configure schedule refresh with free account?

You can take a look at this document for differences between pro and free user.


Best Regards,


I confirm that i cannot do any type of refreshing my data on a web browser



According to this document, the personal gateway is only available with Power BI Pro. You can try with the pro trial to see if it works.


Best Regards,


Community Champion
Community Champion

The problem is not your power bi files but your data source. The Power BI files are already in the cloud. They are trying to refesh data that is not in the cloud. Assuming you're trying to refresh data from an on-premise database, Power BI needs to reach that database. Your database isn't in the cloud, so you need a gateway in order to reach it. The location of the Power BI file is irrelevant to whether or not your database is accessible.


I suspect the problem is simply in the way you installed the gateway. The gateway is the bridge between the Power BI files in the cloud and your non-cloud data source. There are two ways to install it, and it looks like you've used the way that requires manual log-in. When you install the gateway you need to run the installer as an administrator (right click, Run As Administrator). This sets it up to run as a service, which means it is always accessible as long as the computer is on, no matter who is or isn't logged onto it. If you do not do this, you must log on as the user who installed the gateway, and then log into the gateway itself in order to allow refresh, which appears to be what you're dealing with now. So you'll need to uninstall your gateway and reinstall it using the correct procedure. You should also take care when deciding where to install the gateway. It should be installed on a machine that is always on and reachable during scheduled refresh times. A laptop that you carry around with you, for instance, is not an appropriate choice. See the instructions here.

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Mr Horseman

Thank you very much for your answer.

Please correct me if i am wrong: I can only update my data automaticaly if i install a gateway, right? And also, i can only install the gateway if i have the pro version, right?

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