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measure not affected by the slicer


I am using a table visual in which 3 DAX measures are there and a category column to filter out it. form those 2 are simple they are count measures and filter by date and the third is also count but has conditions to filter and the main thing is date should not be affected on it. Can I get some guidance on it? I tried to use except function but it's not working for me. sharing the visual model and the relation in the table.

want to stop the filter of assigned & progress measure.
I am using a special date table which has dates in the period column to filter in the periods which relate to date table and further date table relates to 

assigned & progress = calculate(count(' ITSM Tickets'[Id]),'ACD ITSM Tickets'[Status]="Assigned" || ' ITSM Tickets'[Status]="In-Progress" || ' ITSM Tickets'[Status]="Pending")
Created = if(isblank(count(' ITSM Tickets'[Id])),"0",count('ACD ITSM Tickets'[Id]))
Resolved = IF(ISBLANK([resolved cust req]),0,[resolved cust req])



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,

I'm a little confused about your needs, Could you please explain them further? It would be good to provide a screenshot of the results you are expecting and desensitized example data.

Thanks for your efforts & time in advance.


Best regards,
Community Support Team_Binbin Yu

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I am using a measure of assigned/in progress in this way
assigned & progress = calculate(count(' ITSM Tickets'[Id]),'ACD ITSM Tickets'[Status]="Assigned" || ' ITSM Tickets'[Status]="In-Progress" || ' ITSM Tickets'[Status]="Pending")


want to get the count with these conditions but the date filter should not affect on the measure.


In the bellow image the red mark is showing the result which I am getting. In the green mark its showing the required result which I am getting by using edit interraction from the format ribbon.


The created and resolved measures should be affected by the date and the assigned/inprogress should not be affected using the date slicer .

Created = if(isblank(count(' ITSM Tickets'[Id])),"0",count(' ITSM Tickets'[Id]))
Resolved = IF(ISBLANK([resolved cust req]),0,[resolved cust req])
I am trying to get created,assigned/inprogress, and resolved in a single visual. For that tried to use except,allexcept functions but it wont work for me.
Hope you understood if not let me know.

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