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Post Partisan
Post Partisan

how to remove Sorting arrow in power bi.

Hi All,


Need help I don't want sorting arrow in the column header. How can I hide or vanish from the table?




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Not sure if this is the exact situation you are after.

My goal was to not show the sort arrow on a one row table when I saved the report  -not to stop people click on it after it was published. 

I went to the three dots to the top right of the visual.

Selected 'Sort By'.

Selected the item that was bolded (which was where the sort arrow was). 
This reset the sorting and the arrow disappeared.
The  posts below talking about adding boxes etc can give you guidance on stopping people getting to the table to redisplay the sort arrow.

This is great.

Notably (as at ~Feb 2023 release) you will need to not be selected on to the visualisation when following this method. 

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I have a work around for this. Hope it helps some people. It's a little extra effort and might not work if you need to adjust the width of your table columns often.


If you have a fairly static width then to hide the arrows you can do as follows:

1) Obviously first you need to Rank/sort the column that you want.

2) Make the table header backgroud and the table header text the same color as the backdrop of the whole report so everything blends in.

3) Insert as many text boxes as column headers and duplicate the column names in the text boxes you just created. Make sure the text boxes span the entire width of the columns and it covers the arrows in each column. When someone goes to try to sort the columns they will instead find themselves clicking on text boxes and nothing will happen to the sort order of the Table.



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

You'd like it to never appear; or now that it has appeared, you can't get it to go away?


If you can't get it to go away, just remove and re-add the column to the table visual.

New Member

have you figured it out? I have exact the same issue. 

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There is a workaround you can do, add a blank button(with 0 outline and no fill) on the top of column headers. Bring that button to forward (in format pane) and send back the table backwards (in format pane).


cons: If user selects any value from table, it will become clickable because table will come to focus and button will go back unless focus is released.


Depends on how report will be used.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @arvindyadav,


Current power bi seems not support this. I'd like to suggest you submit this to ideas forum.



Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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This should be Power BI's slogan haha

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