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drilling through using field parameters

Hi guys,


I am looking for a way to drill through from a field parameter. For example, I have the below graph if parameters for Validated findings, closed and open.


the measures that make up the parameter have no relationship to each other. eg 

Validated findings: 

CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Table1'),'Table2'[IsValidated] = 1)
CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Table1'),'Table1'[DateClosed] >= min('Date'[Date]) && 'Table1'[DateClosed] <= max('Date'[Date]))



Now when I drill through on the graph, it only drills through on the date hierarchy, ie. show me all details for the month of Feb however the expected behaviour should be, show me details for the month of Feb where isValidated = 1 if validated finding key is selected or shhow me details for Feb where State is closed if closed parameter is selected.


How can this be achieved within power BI?




Super User
Super User

@WilliamA , Based on what I got, the closed measure should be there in the drill through report.


Power BI Drill Through when Userelationship is used:


Thanks Amit, while userelationship may work for the closed parameter, I wouldn't work for the validated. 

the alternative is to create 3 seperate buttons with 3 bookmarks however this is not ideal. Is there a way to do this by still using parameters?

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