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create custom column concatenated

I'm fumbling create a custom column in a table that has already been loaded, this column will be used to relate that table to another, however I am unable to create this custom column.
I need to concatenate all the fields that are in the picture, I do not know what function and how to use, can someone help me?




Text.From([Column) & Text.From([Column2]) & Text.From([Column3])

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Community Champion
Community Champion

A Sample:

=[Segment] & Text.From([Count])



If you column is not a string use Text.From([Column]) else just the column name



Lima - Peru

Thanks for explaining why to use Text.From()



in my chance all the columns are of type int, as would be?

Text.From([Column) & Text.From([Column2]) & Text.From([Column3])

Lima - Peru


taking advantage, I have a date field that is in the format (dd / mm / yyyy hrs) and need to create a custom column from that field that presents only the yyyy, tried some string functions however nothing.


hi @vitexo87


YearColumn = YEAR(TablewithDate[DateField])



Lima - Peru


I tried this but it did not work


Date.Year (DateField)

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Community Champion

@vitexo87 an alternative that will generate the M formula @Vvelarde gave you above is


In the Query Editor => select your Date column => go Add Column tab => Date => Year => Year

(this will basically do the same thing)


QueryEditor - YEAR.png

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I suspect "The Feature That We Don't Call Power Query" is the best place to do this (which is what folks are doing here) ... but you can also do this via a dax calculated column as well.


something like:

MyCalcColumn = MyTable[MyColumn1] & "-" & MyTable[MyColumn2] & "-" & YEAR(MyTable[MyDateColumn])


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