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can't set edit interactions on multi-row card

i can't set edit interactions on multi-row card. is this intended. 


if i click a data grid, i can hit the edit interactions and make the grid not react to another object. i cant do the same on multi-row card

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This is such a bizarre workaround... but it helps so much. Thank you for this.


The way to establish interactions between a multi-row card with the other elements of the page is:

  1. Convert the visual to another type, such as a table
  2. With the visual table if it lets you establish interactions
  3. Once the interactions are edited, convert the visual back to multi-row card type

I hope I helped you!

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I found it works if I change the visual from a multi-row card to say a matrix, then edit interactions and then change it back to a multi-row card

Awesome solution thanks!

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I just tried this and it appears you are correct. Great solution! Now Microsoft just needs to allow direct editing of the interactions for this visual.

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I couldn't do this, either. I ended up putting an transparent shape in front of the multi-row cards so I don't click them accidentally and filter the values in all of the other visuals in my dashboard.

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This is actually the best solution until Edit interactions is enabled for multi-row cards. Thanks!

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I just tried this, and I do not see any ability to edit the interactions of the mult-row card. In fact, the mult-row card in my report automatically filters ALL other visuals on the page, and I can't turn it off.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,


I would suggest you to submit your idea or vote the idea to help improve power bi.

The alternative is to create a table visual that interacts with a multi row card visual.



Best Regards,
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If you have edit permissions to a report, you can turn on the visual interaction controls and then customize how the visualizations on your report page filter and highlight each other.

Select a visualization to make it active.

Display the Visual Interaction options.

In Desktop, select Format > Interactions.

select Format then Interactions

In the Power BI service, open the report in Editing view and select the dropdown from the report menu bar.

Visual interactions dropdown

To display the visualization interaction controls, select Edit interactions. Power BI adds filter and highlight icons to all of the other visualizations on the report page. We can see that the treemap is cross-filtering the line chart and the map, and is cross-highlighting the column chart. You can now change how the selected visualization interacts with the other visualizations on the report page.



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thank you for the reply. i am doing this in the power bi desktop, however, i am trying to set no interactivity between 2 different multi row cards and the circle with the line through it does not show up on the multi row card. it does on a datagrid, but not from one  multi row card to another multi row card.

I don't think it is possible to turn off interactions between two multi-row cards.


The functinality is not available thru Edit Interactions

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous yes you can, you can turn on and off the interaction. I just tested at my end.


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