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Helper III
Helper III

Why can't I have a rank index without duplicate values

I created a rank with this code 


    'Table'[ID]= EARLIER('Table'[ID]) &&
        'Table'[Date Time] < EARLIER('Table'[Date Time])
),'Table'[Date Time],,ASC,Skip)

which to some extent worked and followed the proper order but it gave me 1,1,1,4 instead of 1,2,3,4. The Date and Time is the same for the first three rows. Next thing I did was add a column with random values.


SupportingColumn = RANDBETWEEN(1,COUNTROWS('Table'))


I was hoping that I could still do the same grouping but sort it by some index cause it doesn't matter which row is before the other. However it completely disorigented my position. 


    'Table'[ID]= EARLIER('Table'[ID]) &&
        'Table'[Date Time] < EARLIER('Table'[Date Time])


same code as before but now completely placing the values all over the place. Not sure how to do this. 


Super User
Super User

@user35131  change

Skip to DENSE
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So change from skip to dense doesn't solve it. What it does it changes 1,1,1,4 to 111,2. I'm more satisfied with the 1,1,1,4 because at least the 4 is in the proper position. 

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