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Visualization dimensions resizing

I'm having an issue in Power BI Desktop where if I copy a page, card visualization dimensions are made extremely small. To clarify, it's the copy that is being resized, the orginal stays intact.


I saw a post that this issue was resolved in the Apr release. I'm currently running Version: 2.34.4372.322 64-bit (April, 2016) and still having this issue.


Card Visualization resizedCard Visualization resizedThis is how big the card was prior to being copiedThis is how big the card was prior to being copied

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

To my knowledge, this is the latest version of PBI Desktop: Version: 2.34.4372.501 64-bit (April, 2016)


Try installing the latest one.

I am using the latest version, I believe that the problem is with that version

As an update, been playing around this morning and if I cut and past 4 visuals (a card in this case) in one go then these are resized after closing the desktop and reopening. If I cut and paste these individually, save between each paste, and then close/reopen it is fine (nothing resized to 0).  


It also seems Ok if it is saved after each operation, but not closed/re-openned (but not fully tested this yet).  I also have not tested uploading to an embedded provision yet.


Hope this helps others who are struggling with this issue.




Just to reiterate that I have this issue a lot and it can be very frustrating, especially as on some pages I will have many visualisations. Most of it seems to be caused by the copy/paste issue described above, but I've also had it when moving between tabs, and when moving multiple items at the same time, although I can't give specific reproduction steps. 


As DrBiker has suggests, working one item at a time seems to be the safe option, but this gets quite tedious after a while.


Hoping for a bug fix in ab upcoming version! I've been enjoying the regular updates and new features so far.

Advocate II
Advocate II

I'm guessing this is still on-going?  Also, anyone knows what triggers it so we can try and avoid the issue?  Going to play about with different visuals and also check it is is when visuals overlap (but sure this is not the case).


Is it worth swapping back to the March release?  It is unuseable at present.

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Just experienced a very similar issue. As soon as I posted this, every single visualization I had setup in this one page resized. Line charts, text boxes, cards... Everything! Here's a screen shot of what I'm looking at






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The saga continues. I remade the page and published it. Now the published report has every visualization resized whereas the desktop file looks fine


What the published file looks like nowWhat the published file looks like now

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