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Helper I
Helper I

Unexpected Behaviour in Click to Filter

Hi All,


I have a matrix visual that I am using to show help desk ticketing data.  Across the rows I have the ticket category, and across the columns I have various measures (met SLA, missed SLA, met SLA %, and then all of these doubled up as I display last year and this year's data side by side).  Because of the columns involved I can't just put another field across the columns, it has to be a set of measures.


The trouble I'm having is that underneath the matrix I have a straight data table of the ticketing information, with the intent being that you can click on a value and see those tickets underneath.  Instead though what I am seeing is that when you click on a value, the table underneath is filtering for records in that category but without filtering on the column component.  For instance if there were 5 tickets last year that met SLA in the "Widget" category, when you click on that value instead of seeing 5 records you end up seeing every record in the Widget category.


This is wildly unintuitive and will be very poorly received by my business partners.


Can this be adjusted so that it gives the logical result of showing only those 5 relevant records?  Thanks!

Super User
Super User

@pbiuser12345 , if there is a filter in measure, that will not pass other visual (Drill Across or drill down). So the other visual need have that measure (Some time only that measure or that measure as visual level filter) to show you the correct number of records

That is actually the situation here - the measures are either doing a COUNX with a FILTER inside, or they are secondary measures referring to the COUNTX/FILTER ones.


I tried adding the measures all as visual-level filters but it unfortunately didn't fix the issue.  Is there another way this can be avoided?


Are there ways to structure your measure so that this effect doesn't happen (i.e. would it matter if I used CALCULATE vs a COUNTX/FILTER structure)?

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