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Treemap with multiple Values not filtering



I am working on a data quality report and I have a table with some columns with " Potential Flags" such as "Missing Start Date" that have 1 or 0 values based on formulas. I was able to create a treemap and adding all these different columns to the Values using Sum and it brings what I need. Although when I click on it I was expecting it to filter the other tables and visuals that I have but nothing happens. I know it may be because I am summing the ones and zeros and the 0 are also part of the calculation. But I don`t see any other way around.



Any ideas?


Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Hi @Bgcunha 

Are these other tables and visuals from different data sources? If so please make sure there is a relationship created between the tables. 
If this is not the issue then please could you share the PBIX report removing any sensitive data.

Hi @Seanan

I really appreciate your help willingness to help and prompt response, although in this case if I remove the sensitive data I end up with nothing. lol

But I will try to explain as best as I can the database.

It is just one table, so no relationships needed. This table has Project data and some calculated columns(SQL) for flags using 1 for True and 0 for False.


Project Code | Project Name | Date | State  | Type      | Flag No Date | Flag No State | Flag No Type

123                | Project X        |          | Open |              |         1           |           0           |          1

145                | Project Y        | 08/16|           | Internal |         0           |           1           |          0

167                | Project W       |          |Closed| Internal |         1           |           0           |          0


On the visualization I have the treemap with the Columns Flag No Date, Flag No State and Flag No Type in the Values with Sum. Than I have a simple table to display the data with Project Code | Project Name | Date | State  | Type that I wish was filtered when I click on the treemap, but it brings all the data no matter which flag I click.


Thank you

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