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Helper III
Helper III

Top N filter not working with random number measure

Probably a real easy one. I'm trying to filter a visual to show the top 3 values of a column based on a random number measure RAND(). The picture shows the exact setup. Clearly it's not limiting the visual to the top 3 random numbers. Ultimatel, the visual won't have the random number column on it but I put it there for illustrative purposes. Thoughts? 




Super User
Super User

@DJBAJG , USe top N measure



2 column top N = CALCULATE([Net], TOPN(10, SUMMARIZE(ALLSELECTED('Item'), 'Item'[Brand], 'Item'[Category]), [Net],DESC),VALUES('Item'[Brand]), VALUES('Item'[Category]) )

2 column top N = Sumx(Keepfilters( TOPN(10, SUMMARIZE(ALLSELECTED('Item'), 'Item'[Product Category], 'Item'[Product Name]), [Total_sales],DESC)), [Total_sales])


Use your columns



Dynamic TOPN using TOPN/Window and Numeric parameter:


I'm going to need more clarification. I understand the TOPN function but I'm not sure how your examples get me where I need to be with my specific issue.


I must use the random number as the driver of the TOPN. Every time I make a slicer selection I need rows displayed to change. That's the whole point. It needs to be random. I don't have the ability to build out measures for each value I need to dispaly in the table. 

So apparently this isn't possible? 

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