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Thousand separator using COUNT values

I have two tables: One displaying the SUM of values, the other the count of values.

I can only manage to show thousand separator for the table with SUM of values.

When using COUNT there is no thousand separator.

Any idea how to solve this problem?

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

hi @oehlenschlaeger 


select the field and click at the red cickle



That works fine wiht SUM, but not COUNTpbi.png

hi @oehlenschlaeger,


have you created a measure or are you just pulling in a column to the vaue field? If the latter is the case, then the formatting of the column have no impact. Try creating a measure, number of cases = count(caseID), and format the measure according to you need

Creating a measure with count value solved the thousand separator issue. 

The collumn is just pulled in the vaue field. Then i can choose SUM, AVG, COUNT etc.

But the thousind separator is only there, when i choose SUM.

In excel there is no problem.


The work around you suggest is cumbersome in my case.

I think it should be easy to format everything in the value field. Like in excel.

Numbers wiht more than 5 digits can be hard to overlook - the reasion for the separator 🙂


OK - i made a work around myself.

I made a column with the name antal (Danish for count) with the value of 1.

And dragged it into the value field and choosed SUM.




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This works for count. Thank you.

But what, if you wanna have a distinct count on a specific column?

Then you cannot just work with this additional column.


Anyony has a solution for that, other than creating a measure?

Hi @oehlenschlaeger  and @Anonymous 

In the Formatting Pane>Specifi column>Values>Value decimal places, enter 0 decimal places instead of "Auto" and that will display the thousand separator.

It's a very un intuitive way of doing it but Power BI has never fix it.  




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